Recognition as Status Holder
  • One Star Export House
  • Two Star Export House
  • Three Star Export House
  • Four Star Export House
  • Five Star Export House
Duty Exemption / Remission Scheme
  • Advance Authorisation Scheme for Physical Deemed Exports and Intermediate Supplies
  • Duty Free Import Authorisation
  • Fixation of standard Input Output Norms
  • Duty Drawback Scheme
E.P.C.G. Scheme

Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme for Imports of Capital Goods (E.P.C.G. Scheme) at Zero Customs Duty, available to Manufacturer Exporter, Merchant Exporter, Service Exporter, Retail Sector and Projects.

Promotional Schemes

Remission of Duties and Taxes on Export Product (RODTEP) (w.e.f. 01/01/2021)

Export & Import Registrations
  • Obtaining Importer Exporter Code No.
  • Registration with Federation of Importer Exporter Organisation (FIEO) / Export Promotion Council.
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Steel Import Monitoring System (SIMS)
  • Chip Import Monitoring System (CHIMS)
  • Digital Signature
Value addition to consultancy assignments

For all the events which occur during the course of Export / Import, there may not be an express provision in the Foreign Trade Policy and Handbook of Procedures or there may not be any precedents. In such situations we will originate and successfully provide solutions to avail the benefits of Exports as budgeted or to regularise the deviations from policy / procedures at a minimum cost.

Another important part of our practice consists of direct efforts to improve short-term performance by helping clients reorient activities / strategies to service an Export Order in the shortest possible time and at realistic costs and avail benefits of the policy, cut operating and overhead costs and increase productivity & efficiency.

In all these cases our efforts are directed to study problems and opportunities from the integrated point of view of the top management and derive an optimum solution. Our role in providing Consultancy Services includes anticipation of problems and opportunities and working out pragmatic response by virtue of:
  • Our knowledge base in multiple disciplines such as Foreign Trade Policy, Direct and Indirect Taxation, Company and Mercantile Law, Cost Accounting and Financial Management, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management
  • Our experience in servicing global corporations and equivalents in the Indian Industry
  • Our in-house research and continuous training programs

We are equipped with in-depth functional and industry knowledge to approach the problem from the general management perspective and arrive at a logical solution to the problem.

We are of the opinion that no matter how sound our recommendations are, a consulting assignment is not successful until the client acts on our recommendations and begins to realise the benefits in absolute terms.


For the aforesaid reasons we accept the total responsibility of the assignment i.e. from conceiving of an idea to transforming the same into reality.